Luxury experiences in Dubai: a top 7 list within the reach of the very few

Without a doubt, the UAE is one of the most demanded destinations in the world, especially among business tourists and high-end tourism in general who are looking for luxury experiences in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates. This country not only has varied scenery, including stunning skyscrapers, valuable historical heritage, mysterious deserts, paradisiacal sandy beaches, […]

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Without a doubt, the UAE is one of the most demanded destinations in the world, especially among business tourists and high-end tourism in general who are looking for luxury experiences in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates.

This country not only has varied scenery, including stunning skyscrapers, valuable historical heritage, mysterious deserts, paradisiacal sandy beaches, and lush nature reserves. It also enjoys a mild climate year-round and high-end hospitality and infrastructure as there is no other in the world, with a wide selection of services such as lavish spas, Michelin-starred restaurants, exclusive sports complexes, hotels up to seven stars, huge shopping centers with luxury brands, cultural facilities (theaters, operas), nightlife with VIP perks of all kinds and more.

Nevertheless, if we look for luxury experiences in Dubai, what most visitors demand -result of a depersonalized offer of identical activities by conventional tour operators- won’t live up to our expectations. We will want a meaningful plan tailored just for our tastes and our needs, say, plans that are not in the guides but in the imagination of each person.

In this post, we will point out 7 of the endless meaningful bespoke luxury experiences in Dubai that the most select visitors adore, whether they are business or leisure travelers.

7 must-try luxury experiences in Dubai

For gourmets…

1. Private luxury yacht dinner

Rent a yacht with every luxury imaginable included and navigate the coastline of the city enjoying an exquisite wine or champagne and then a delicious meal or multi-course dinner prepared just for you by a renowned chef is one of the favorite experiences of the select visitors of Dubai.

They can enjoy live music, shows of their choice, throw themselves into the sea from the deck and swim, do water sports (flyboard, jet ski, banana boat …) and much more.

This experience is also very appreciated among companies that hold all kinds of corporate events up to 200 attendees, as it allows to celebrate team building activities, gala dinners, etc. with the most exclusive hospitality (meals, accommodation, incentives, etc.)

2. Dinner in the Sky

Dubai is a city that hosts samples of the highest cuisine from around the world, offering an infinity of restaurants awarded with Michelin stars, such as Italians, French, Peruvians, Japanese, and more, where to delight the most demanding palates.

However, conventional gastronomic experiences may fall short for thrill seekers, so in Dubai, it is possible to enjoy an exquisite meal…. from the sky. Sit in a chair 50 meters above the ground and let yourself be pampered by prestigious chefs who have adapted their menus from the most renowned restaurants in the world in which they have worked.

And not only that, but they can also enjoy live performances, in an ideal environment to take tea with friends accompanied by savory and sweet delights, for a romantic dinner in the light of the moon or a fun meal with friends or colleagues.

The most expensive ice cream in the world

Where would you be able to indulge in the most expensive ice cream in the world but in the mecca of luxury? Dubai is home to one of the most exclusive cafes in the world on its main avenue. There you can find this exclusive delicacy, made with a base of Madagascar vanilla and containing Italian black truffles, Iranian saffron and edible gold of 23 carats. Without a doubt, a unique experience for your exquisite palate. An extreme pleasure that costs about 700 euros.

For adventurers …

3. Luxury Safari Desert

Although the first thing that comes to mind for «safari» is probably a 4×4 from which to contemplate lions and giraffes in their natural habitat, safaris in the desert consist of a race through the dunes in which, emulating the Paris Dakar, drivers test their sport driving skills.

In addition, desert safaris also allow contemplating native animals in their natural habitats, such as the oryx of Arabia, the hare of the Cape, the caracal (which is usually known as the African lynx), the camel or the desert hedgehog.

The high demand for this type of activity has led dozens of agencies to organize excursions to the desert with activities for all tastes and budgets, including itineraries for groups with mid-range cars, with barbecue or group dinners in Bedouin camps with show, among others.

That is why luxury event agencies such as Empirance go further and offer fully customized value-added experiences. For example, a first-class driving experience in the dunes or in the desert conservation reserve with air-conditioned luxury Range Rovers or with vintage cars from the 50s, a stay in private oases resorts or in luxury hotels in the middle of nature protected areas or in the middle of the desert under the stars as in the One Thousand and One Nights. These accommodations allow you to enjoy private gourmet 6-course typical dinners by the hand of an Emirati chef and a popular dance show. In addition, other complementary luxury experiences can be included, such as private workshops of typical cuisine, spa itineraries (with typical treatments such as henna tattoos) and yoga classes, falconry tours, camel rides under the stars with an observation of the sky with a telescope and much more.

A place … where to be cooler

Many are not usually aware that in the desert the temperature is more pleasant than on the coast at night (up to 7 degrees less), since the sand cools very fast when the sun goes down. That’s why many tours have their heyday at night, with delicious dinners, sisha, music and dance, astronomy classes with telescopic photography of the stars and much more.

4. Dubai World Cup

Dubai offers endless possibilities to practice sports, including golf or yoga retreats, water activities or adventure. However, for sports enthusiasts, Dubai offers the most adventurous experience and that allows to release more adrenaline in the Middle East. It’s about attending the Dubai World Cup at the racecourse that attracts the best horse riders, trainers and enthusiasts. In this event, it is advisable to book a ticket in the VIP boxes of the pavilion to enjoy the race.

In addition, with a luxury tour operator you can watch the preparations for the races, with a visit to the Meydan stables, and then attend private after parties and meet the crème de la crème of the races, including the most legendary riders, with food and drink included.

For fashion & brands lovers…

5. VIP Shopping

Dubai’s luxury activity par excellence is shopping. The Emiratis are people who like branded goods, and Dubai has one of the largest shopping centers in the world: the Dubai Mall, which has some of the most exclusive shops and boutiques in the world, frequented by celebrities from all countries.

Inside the Dubai Mall, you can find the extravagance one can imagine: an ice rink, an aquarium and even the largest indoor ski slope in the world. If we go with an accredited personal shopper we can access the most restrictive services, from access to limited editions or products that are not yet on the market until entry to the most lavish stores before or after business hours to buy with the greatest peace of mind. In addition, customers who spend more than 100,000 AED on purchases can enjoy incentives such as access to the most exclusive rooms of the shopping center, valet service, luggage racks, invitations to special events, VIP activities, previews, etc.

To pamper yourself and disconnect …

6. Luxury Spas

In Dubai, you will find some of the most select spas and beauty centers in the world, located in landscaped environments, on a private beach, on top of buildings with views, or even in the middle of the desert. Not only do they offer the best treatments of relaxation and beauty (facials, body treatments, hairdressing, manicure and pedicure, etc.) with the best brands in extreme luxurious facilities, with traditional Arabic hammam baths, sauna and steam room, infinity pools, showers in the middle of nature, privileged accommodation, etc. They do it with totally customized products, allowing the private massage room to be personalized with our favorite perfume, offering exquisite delicacies such as juices or canapés, high-end cuisine from the East and West, served by Michelin-starred chefs.

Gold for your skin

One of the best-known spas is the one in the Hotel Palazzo Versace. It has an itinerary of seven and a half hours of treatments including meals, which consists of massages with 24-karat gold dust and facials with green and gold caviar. Other spas of renowned brands are those of Bulgari, in Bulgari Resort, Guerlain, in the One & One The Palm, the one in Armani, in the Burj Khalifa, etc.

To know its history …

7. Dubai Fountain Show

It is one of the most emblematic attractions of the city: a unique and unrepeatable experience. Dubai Fountain is considered the largest fountain in the world (measures 275 meters in length), whose water jets are accompanied by spectacular choreographies (synchronized every half hour) with music of all styles. At the same time, it has 6,600 spotlights and 50 floodlights to illuminate the water. It is located in the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. A highly recommended option is to contemplate the show while savoring a cocktail on the top of the tallest building in the city, the Burj Khalifa.

The largest photo frame in the world

Another attraction that is in no way inferior to a cocktail at the Burj Khalifa or the Burj Al Arab is the Dubai Frame. Built in 2018, it is a structure in the shape of a golden frame 150 meters high and 93 meters wide that offers amazing panoramic views of Dubai. Only the most daring can venture on the 50-meter long glass bridge in the Sky-Deck where you can discover the picturesque past and future of the city.

Empirance: your trusted partner for luxury experiences in Dubai

At Empirance we offer our local knowledge, our wide portfolio of clients and exclusive suppliers and our creativity and professionalism to design fully bespoke luxury experiences in Dubai that adapt to the needs of each demanding customer providing incentives for the experience to be perfect.

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