DMC in Spain

We are the perfect strategic partner in Spain for companies and individuals from the UAE

Our DMC services in Spain are aimed at groups and individuals in the UAE (or in other Arabic-speaking countries) who need destination management services in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or Seville that meet their specific needs (language, cultural) and have a focus on creativity and excellence.

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Spain: an exceptional location for exclusive luxury events and experiences

Spain is the third most visited country for business tourism in the world and is an especially important destination for tourists from the UAE and other Arabic-speaking countries, who seek personalised attention, luxury and creative experiences. The ease of travel from its main cities Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville, and its excellent facilities, high-end services and extensive range of leisure opportunities converge with its good climate, gastronomy and diverse landscapes of beaches, rural settings and mountains.

We are your trusted DMC in Spain

At Empirance, we bring our local knowledge, our large portfolio of clients and high-end suppliers and our creativity and excellence to the table, allowing companies and individuals to make the most of this excellent destination.

We provide creativity and excellence in your PR

Thanks to our experience and our exclusive contacts, at Empirance, we have cultivated a local expertise that enables us to design each experience (from events like meetings, exhibitions, gala dinners, etc. to leisure activities, getaways and any other experience) in a unique and personalised manner that goes far beyond the ordinary recommendations found on the internet. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.

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Our highlighted services as a DMC in Spain

Event Management

We inspire, plan and execute all kinds of customised events—from the simplest to the most complex—with a creative team and a unique database of dream locations. We offer select service providers, a detail-oriented approach to each company and a focus on creativity and excellence.

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Concierge Services

We make it easy for our clients to dedicate themselves to their busy schedules by offering a support service that will save time and provide 24/7 VIP treatment and comfort. Clients will enjoy personalised solutions and unique advantages, such as access to exclusive venues and upgrades when booking accommodations, restaurants and more.

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Incentive Travel

We offer our clients bluxury travel incentives to stimulate and reward employees. By staying faithful to each client's priorities, we can obtain unique benefits, such as extending bookings for couples or families, free or discounted access to shows and theme parks and more.

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VIP Itineraries & Activities

Our strategic agreements with the best tour operators allow us to imagine all kinds of tailor-made itineraries and activities, from shopping or personal care to cultural or culinary tours, yacht trips to beach resorts, golf or ski retreats and much more.

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Booking & Ticketing

We partner with first class tour operators in Spain to give us access to tickets and bookings for flights, restaurants, sporting and musical events, spa centres, museums and much more. Enjoy VIP provisions and save time by letting us handle the entire process.

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Staying at premium accommodations is key to the success of any event or experience. We offer and manage bookings in exclusive hotels, with whom we maintain continuous feedback to stay on top of any changes that may occur in their services and obtain any additional custom benefits as they arise.

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Venue Finding

We have access to the most restricted locations in Spain (luxury hotels, historic buildings, etc.), which can combine architecture, nature, access to beaches, beautiful views, the best technological equipment and more, thanks to our local knowledge and our partners portfolio.

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Choosing the right food and drinks for a meeting is fundamental to its success. With training and experience in culinary management, our planners work with a wide portfolio of high-end suppliers and have impeccable vision for coordinating equipment and processes.

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Transfers & Logistics

We take care of everything related to transport and logistics of our clients, such as documentation procedures for entering the country, registration processes, collection at airports or hotels in luxury cars, hiring tourist guides, assigning concierges and assistants and much more.

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Do you need DMC services? Contact us

At Empirance we inspire, design and perform tailor-made memorable experiences, from corporate events (MICE) of all kinds to personal services at the destination. We attend you in English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Catalan. You can contact us by phone or email, visiting our offices or sending us the following form:

Spain Headquarters: +34 930156408