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Expo Dubai 2020

Expo 2020 Dubai: a chance to re-launch your corporate communication

Countless companies have had to postpone commercial agreements, product launches, shareholders’ meetings, anniversary celebrations, or other events during 2020. Expo Dubai 2020 allows them to relaunch everything pending and reward through experiential marketing the sacrifices that they have been forced to demand from their collaborators.

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Corporate event planner

Corporate event planner: what skills should they have and why hire one?

Organizing an event requires time, focus, research, resource management (especially budgeting), logistics, negotiation skills and knowledge in the field that most company personnel simply do not have. A corporate event planner does. Possessing these skills makes the difference between a flavourless and unimpressive event that doesn’t achieve its goals and a stylish one that lasts in the memory of attendees.

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Offbeat places in Dubai

Offbeat places in Dubai: discover 10 spots beyond a tourist perspective

Dubai’s offer is not limited to gigantic hotels, supertall skyscrapers, sandy beaches and alluring deserts. It also allows you to soak in its history, partake in fun family plans, get lost in quiet places, breathe fresh air and enjoy music and art. We’ve picked a few of the more offbeat places in Dubai for every moment of the day for those seeking experiences that the typical guidebooks miss.

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Michelin Restaurants Dubai

Michelin restaurants in Dubai: discover the best luxury dining destinations

Since the Michelin Guide has not yet taken its prestigious restaurant ranking system to the United Arab Emirates (there are rumours that this will happen in the short term), officially there are no Michelin restaurants in Dubai. However, the stars have been shining for a long time in this Middle Eastern city. As one of […]

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Luxury experiences in Dubai: a top 7 list within the reach of the very few

Without a doubt, the UAE is one of the most demanded destinations in the world, especially among business tourists and high-end tourism in general who are looking for luxury experiences in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates. This country not only has varied scenery, including stunning skyscrapers, valuable historical heritage, mysterious deserts, paradisiacal sandy beaches, […]

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